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Tar & Gravel Roofing in Dayton, OH

Are you looking for a cost effective roofing solution for your commercial property in Dayton? An optimal choice for flat roof commercial properties, tar and gravel roofing offers excellent UV protection, fire resistant capabilities and is also easy to maintain. With your needs being our priority, TruRoof offers you a hassle free experience while installing a new tar and gravel roofing system or while replacing an old, damaged roof. We've carved a niche for ourselves in Dayton due to the professionalism and craftsmanship we offer our clientele through our commercial roofing contractor service.

Install Tar Roofing for Your Commercial Property in Dayton

A popular and well established type of roofing, a tar and gravel roofing system involves installing alternating layers of bitumen and reinforced fabric, which is then topped off with rock and stone. A long lasting, strong roofing system, the stone layer is installed to protect the layer underneath from storm, sun, and wind damage. With the aesthetic appeal of your Dayton business being vital, tar roofing helps gives your commercial property a clean, professional look. Having TruRoof by your side ensures your business in Dayton, such as a warehouse, restaurant, or office complex, continues looking appealing for years to come.

Repair Your Cracked Roof in Dayton - Hire Our Tar & Gravel Roofing Service

Over time, due to exposure to environmental elements, a tar and gravel roofing system can begin to crack, pull apart, and have issues with its drains. Known for our expertise and use of high quality roofing material for businesses in Dayton, we can repair your damaged gravel roofing in an efficient, effective manner.

Do You Need an Energy Efficient & Waterproof Roofing System in Dayton?

A neglected, worn out roofing system leads to poor ventilation, accumulation of mold, cracking, clogged gutters, and structural damage. With a damaged roof being an unsightly appearance for your business in Dayton, it is important to address roofing issues by consulting a commercial roofing contractor service. Bound to last you for decades, a tar and gravel roofing system is the perfect investment for protecting your commercial property in Dayton.

Versatile Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

A roof is your first line of defense against the elements in Commercial Roofing in Dayton, OH, and ensuring it’s safe and visibly stunning will increase the value of your property. At TruRoof, our experienced contractors are highly adept at a variety of roofing services, from minor repairs to complete replacement or installation for new construction. We work with many different styles and materials so that you don’t have to compromise. For the most comprehensive roofing services in the Commercial Roofing in Dayton, OH area, schedule a meeting with the TruRoof team today!

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